Client testimonials

“Our Aragon project could not have been the success it is without the involvement of Jim. His role evolved across the three years of the project, from helping to recce sites right through to translating and interpreting official documents. His role might best be described as an honest broker – someone on your side who can interpret and help steer through the often confusing maze of procurement and construction. As a long-term local resident who has hand-built his own home, he is well-respected and knows the ins and outs of the local construction business and methods, where to source craftsmen, materials and other supplies and where to seek advice and from whom.

The skills he employed for our project included: translation; general advice and support; project management; liaising with lawyers, architects, local planners, builders, specialist trades; chivvying as and where necessary.”

Clare Richards, Fuentespalda.

“We were introduced to James by our local architect in the Matarraña, who insisted he was the person we needed, and that he had the exact experience required.

What has of course happened is that James became crucial to our project. 

Facts, plans, schedules and budgets are one thing, but often the essence of what is important at any given time, the intention, can so easily be lost in translation during the general momentum of a building project.. 

It has been so helpful to know that I could call James when things seemed to be drifting, or when a certain detail we absolutely wanted had not been understood, or when we were busy elsewhere and could not attend. I know he can swiftly and concisely convey what is needed to a builder, supplier or architect, and I have an answer much faster than if I had attempted this alone.

James is kind, reliable and honest. He has helped us with land, architectural project and more. He is consistent and clear, and can present complex building technical information into a nutshell. I feel he keeps our interest at heart, which is so important for peace of mind.”

HM. Lledó

“Building in a strange land can be daunting and complicated.  The team of contractors and professionals is absolutely key so we turned to Jim to guide us to a place where we could proceed with confidence. He made navigating the Spanish system not only possible, but enjoyable. We knew what we wanted, but without Jim it might never have come about.”

Harry and Lizzie Langford, Cretas.