Mission Statement

I’m always impressed by the bold pioneers prepared to up sticks, abandon all certainty and construct an entirely new life for themselves in another place. These people deserve all the help they can get. Any building project, particularly when perhaps settling for the first time in a new country, is for most people, the largest project they’ll ever undertake.  

All too often, what begins as a dream can quickly become mired in uncertainty, slowed down by bureaucratic hurdles and sometimes even stagnate in a climate of misunderstanding and confusion.

There really is no need for this.  Investing a little in prioritising effective communication is a smart move that can help clients enjoy rather than endure the process, streamlining the flow of the project and making significant savings over a stop-start badly managed project where no one is sure what’s happening or not, and why not. My many years immersed in the region and intimate knowledge of its people and traditions give me an invaluable and unrivalled set of insights into what you will (and won’t) need.

But there are other, perhaps, nobler reasons why I do what I do. Since leaving London in 2006 I’ve thrived here with my family in the unique and breathtaking Matarraña. We’ve been overwhelmed by the warmth and welcome of the people and I feel like I want to be able to give something back, playing a part in facilitating inward investment, opening up new opportunities and helping, in some small way, to stimulate and develop the local economy.