My name’s James McConachie, I’m lucky enough to live in the breathtakingly beautiful Matarraña region of Aragón, here in North-Eastern Spain. My job is to share some of that luck, a lot of my hard-won judgement and make your building, renovation or tourism-based project happen.

Get things moving

Whether you’re renovating an existing house or building a home from scratch on a plot of land, whether it’s a complex big-budget dream or something a little more modest, my input will smooth the ruffles out of the process, saving you a lot of time, money and hassle you could probably do without. I’ll come to play a vital role in bringing your project to life.

I draw on years of experience in Spain, both here in wonderful Aragón and further afield in Andalucía and beyond. My extensive network of contacts; architects, builders, tradespeople and those working in the local administration will help facilitate your building or relocation project here in the Matarraña and surrounding areas.

I rebuilt my own farmhouse, or masía just outside Valderrobres, one of the prettiest villages in Spain and capital of the Matarraña. I did most of the work myself, learning invaluable lessons along the way about local methods, traditions and vernacular architecture, making lots of great friends and getting to know first-hand the ups and downs of what can be a challenging process.

I wouldn’t suggest you do that kind of thing yourself, unless you’re feeling very brave. Instead, my role is to take out some of the legwork and general rigmarole and free you up to enjoy the journey. I can start by helping you buy land or perhaps an old existing house, take you through the dreaming and designing phase, then find and match to your project, the tried and trusted hard-working local professionals I know can make it all happen.

No nonsense.

If you take me on, you’ll be paying me to save you time and money. A totally transparent process. I don’t sell land or property and I never take commission or kick-backs from anyone. The architects, builders, craftsmen and tradespeople I’ll help you to work with are those I’ve come to trust as creative and imaginative local professionals; energetic, innovative, open-minded and well-versed in dealing with clients from Northern Europe. These are people I know and like, suited to you and your project.

What’s involved

Stress-free building

I’ve enjoyed working with teams of good people on lots of exciting projects over the last several years. I’ll happily take you from seeking out a plot or existing building to setting up those first tentative meetings with architects, potential main contractors and others, developing your project and bringing together the infrastructure you’ll need: from mains water or the drilling of a borehole to meeting the challenges of off-grid living and new technologies. When your plans are drawn up we’ll navigate the planning process without coming unstuck and with the minimum of fuss.

As building gets under way you can meet and choose from or contract local tradespeople, carpenters, plumbers, installers of renewable energy and services engineers, all up to speed with the latest innovations and approaches.

When meetings are held, on-site or in the office, and you can’t attend, I’ll be there listening in, speaking up for you, relaying queries to you in real time via WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime or just over the telephone. From the phones in our pockets we’ve never been so well-equipped to deliver, with shared access to plans, drawings, photos, design and finish references and a host of other resources everyone on the team can discuss and refer to. And all this can happen while you give your approval and oversee progress, wherever you are in the world. Whether you’re approaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, or staring out at the rain in Hull or Rotterdam, I’ll make sure the project keeps moving ahead at a pace that will inspire.